Interview: Royal Blood

Probably most of you noticed how the boys from Royal Blood climbed their way to the top of the “Rock- Pack” in the last couple of months. Right now they are one of the hottest dirty Rock Bands of our globe. Back in 2013 Matt Helders himself, drummer of the Arctic Monkeys, wore a shirt of Royal Blood. Since then the whole thing became an easy self-runner. So we thought we should get to know these guys a bit better, as well as learning more about their start into big business as a band. The following interview was hold a few months before their incredible breakthrough from 0 to 100, reaching the top of the music-olymp. Figure it out you Little Monsters:

How did you guys got to know each other?

Ben: Mike and I got to know each other in a Club during a “Dance Off”. After that, we talked about music and liked the bands, the other one liked.

What was the impulsion to start making music together?

Ben: We both love to write and make music. So we just thought it would be awesome if we do it together.

Do you write your songs together or does one of you take the lead?

Ben: We write all the songs together. Mike creates the main part with his riffs and lyrics, but all songs arise differently. Sometimes I have an idea how something should sound and try to show Mike how I mean something by doing the drum beats and just humming the guitar to that. But every time we sit down to write a song, it’s different.

What music influences you?

Ben: Well, as a band, our basic musical framework are bands like: Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, The Dead Weather, etc. It’s hard to limit something like that, but we like all kinds of music.

Until a year ago - maybe two - you didn’t have such a great audience, how was it to take part at the NME Awards Tour then?

Ben: The NME Awards Tour was so much fun! We never played in locations as big as those before. So it was a complete new experience for us.

How was it to get the support of a band like the Arctic Monkeys?

Ben: It’s just truly incredible! There is nothing better than getting kind of a bow from one of the bands you musically love and with whose music you grew up.

Are there any joint plannings currently?

Ben: Not at the moment, but we will see what the future holds us.

If you hadn’t played in this band, what would you do instead?

Ben: That’s a good question… Mike would probably end up as a homeless, hanging around in the streets of Lancing like a “Southcoast-Aladin”, and I, I guess, would work with animals.

Last question: Have you got a good advice for young bands?

Ben: Definitely not taking everything too serious, not trying to sound like someone else and of course: enjoy every second!



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