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Back in the beginning of 2015 we met The Wombats in Hamburg and chatted about their impended Album “Glitterbug” which successfully took over their listenership and beyond by now. The Indietronic Band from Liverpool consisting of singer, guitarist and keyboarder Matthew Murphy, drummer Dan Haggis and Bassist and Synthesizer Tord Øverland-Knudsen already implemented themselves in peoples’ minds through their first two albums and heaps of different festival gigs as well as massive tours around the world. With their third album “Glitterbug” they took their catchy sound up to the next level. While their first releases were far more stamped by rocky sounds, “Glitterbug” underlines their Indie-image with a development that shows up to fit the mainstream trend with classy simple Sounds that are easy on the ear. However with their realization of use of the synthesizer The Wombats outgo themselves as the Indie-Pop Princes probably more than they ever did. Here’s what they told us:


How did you guys experience your break-through?

Tord: We were a band for nearly 4 years before we got signed and things started to move a lot quicker. At the time we were touring lots and were building a fan base without any support from a label or radio. In the end both labels and radio couldn’t ignore us and went on to release "A guide to Love, Loss and Desperation"


How did your learn to handle your success and popularity? Was it overwhelming or difficult?

Tord: It was weird going from playing to a few hundred people to several thousands, but since we were touring so much, it didn’t really sink in till we came home and finished touring. It was overwhelming at the time, but you are quickly getting back to normality when you are not touring.


After 4 years you are now about to release a new album, how does that feel? Did you guys miss the tours?

Tord: We are really proud of the new album and can’t wait to share it with everyone! We are excited to be back on the road as we’ve been missing the adrenaline rush from doing live shows, seeing different cities and meeting new People.


With the new album you probably have new influences, could you name these?

Tord: Stylistically we’ve perfected the electronic and synthy elements we discovered on our 2nd album, but lyrically it is probably closer to our first album. We’ve taken a bigger part in the production side of things, very much a co-production kind of thing with the very talented Mark Crew (Bastille), so this is our first album to sound pretty much exactly how we wanted it to sound. The writing process was quite different as Murph spent a lot of time in LA, so a lot of the song ideas started as instrumental ideas me and Dan would email over to Murph to write over.


If you guys did not become such successful musicians as you are now, what would your profession be?

Tord: I’d be a fisherman in Norway on the west coast!


Have you got a good advice for young Bands and artists who are currently having their break-through or trying to find that start into the music business?

Tord: Keep gigging and focus on the music you make – the end goal is less important when you are first starting up.


What was the most insane or craziest thing that happened during your tours?

Tord: When we played in Shanghai and dropped a remote control out of the window of our hotel room!


With which Band or artist, dead or alive, would you guys love to have a night out?

Tord: I’d have a night out with Kurt Cobain, that would have been interesting..


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